Thursday, August 9, 2007

The squash are taking over...

This week's share:

7 summer squash (plus 3 left over from last week)
3 cucumbers
1 lb Swiss chard
1/2 lb kale and collards
11 tips basil
1 green pepper
1 watermelon
2 heads lettuce
1 qt tomatoes
10 ears sweet corn
1 bunch flowers

This week's menu:

Lee Elder's Zucchini-Crusted Pizza The Community Farm Cookbook, p. 43
Squash with stuffing Laurel's Kitchen, p. 306
Colcannon Laurel's Kitchen p. 197
Asian Chard and Squash Saute From Asperagus to Zucchini p. 58
Hobbiton Salad with lettuce, basil, and squash
Fresh melon
Fresh sweet corn (boil for 5 minutes and eat promptly)

And we're saving the cucumbers to make pickles with next week.

Hope you're excited about squash!

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