Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome to the Community Farm Kitchen!

Welcome! This blog is a space where we hope to foster a community and develop a connection to the Farm itself. During the harvest season, each week we'll post the harvest share and the menu plan so you can see what's happening in the kitchen. You can see last year's harvest and menus by clicking on the monthly archives on the left of this post, which will give you a general idea of the kind of harvest and menus we expect this year.
We also welcome members to use the comments feature to post feedback about the menus including what you liked and what you didn't like, serving suggestions, and other thoughts and ideas. This year we're also hoping to post more pictures from the farm and the kitchen as well as writing more descriptions of what we do in our work, especially out at the farm, so you can feel more connected to this wonderful food. Welcome aboard!

The weather has been a bit chilly this week, but out at the farm you can tell that summer is coming. It's a busy time at the farm these days as we prepare for the harvest season to begin. We spent a lot of time last week weeding and thinning the beets, and I'm excited to see that they seem to be coming along well. Perhaps we'll be seeing borscht on the menu in a few weeks' time! Yesterday was bright, cool, and windy. We seeded the winter squash: the field is bare and newly ploughed and it's hard to imagine that later in the season it will become an impenetrable jungle of vines and blossoms and that these small seeds will produce fruit weighing as much as 30 pounds (in the case of the Blue Hubbards). After lunch the farm workers talked about philosophy and politics and our favorite parsley recipes as we planted parsley from the green house. The green house and the cold frames are full of seedlings waiting to be planted out in the fields. Everything is growing and thriving. Life is good.