Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grand Finale Pt 2

Well! What a week of Kitchen work it's been! Last week the kitchen crew worked extra long and hard to prepare that unbelievable bounty and I think some CFK members were a little overwhelmed with the over 10 items they received. Never fear, this week won't be quite as huge, but just as delicious.
Even though I wasn't at the farm, last week's cooking marathon yielded its own adventures. From having just a little too much of every dish, to the overwhelming deliciousness of Hobbit Soup (I credit the Rutabagas), to dying immersion blenders, there was something to figure out every day. Not to mention trying to squeeze everything into the fridge at the end of the day--that was a puzzle! Check out Peter and Jason demonstrating how *stuffed* the fridge was for distribution! This week we have some more delicious items, mostly featuring squash, and also some end-of-season items such as hot sauce and kim chee.
When you visit the kitchen, I want to make sure you remember to check out the "wall of fame" opposite the door: I've posted pictures of almost everyone who cooked with us this summer. It's a gorgeous gallery. I hope the pics give an idea of how much fun we have cooking for you. More than one member commented that it gives you an idea of HOW everything gets made (HUGE bowls! Lots of chopping!). So, check it out. I personally can't stop looking at it, even though I know everyone! I'm so grateful to this smart and talented crew for giving so much energy and hard work behind the scenes at the CFK. Most of them are gone by the time members arrive, but you should know who they are!
SO, this week's menu:
White House Butternut Squash Soup --a recipe straight from the Obama administration, courtesy of this NYTimes article
Rutaloaf - a rutabaga-based dinner loaf from The Community Farm of Ann Arbor Cookbook (2001). As recipe author Karen says, "Everyone loves Rutaloaf! Even my teenager!"
Brussels Sprouts with Honey Mustard Sauce - Sauce recommendation from my friend Aaron. I'm actually going to give you your sprouts fresh for you to cook your favorite way, but we'll give you a little tub of sauce to go with.
Pumpkin Bread from Simply in Season Need I say more??
Kim Chee - after a week of fermentation, this Korean sauerkraut will rock your socks
Stuffed Carnival Squash - Like acorn squash but more colorful! This yummy fruit-and-seed based stuffing also comes from Simply in Season
Squash Malagushim - a tasty squash curry from Laurel's Kitchen
Cauliflower Risotto with Saffron and Dill from Farmer John's Cookbook p. 265
Parsley Cubes
Hot Sauce
another winter squash
dried chili peppers

So much yumminess! I'd better get to work!
See you Friday for the end of the season (*sniff!*)
Photos: 1. Becky, Peter, and Jason get tough on some leeks. 2. Sauerkraut! 3. Peter and Jason show off a FULL refrigerator! 4. Becky hard at work and Jason tasting some Hobbit Soup 5. Anna and Amanda chopping kale 6. Jason looks like a butcher after chopping beets. 7. Amanda and a "crone" rutabaga


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