Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week Seven: Journey into Summer

So as most of you know now, I wasn't in the Kitchen on Friday. I was on the train going to Philadelphia where I attended the wedding of my college friends, Sara and Andrew. While there I also spent the night with my dear friends Anna and Garrett who made me a delicious dinner out of their CSA share. Down in Delaware they're already getting sweet corn! Mmmm. And of course, the Kitchen ran well in my absence. I've heard good things about the food that Margaret, Michelle, Cynthia, Claire, and Nora made (one of my friends is encouraging me to refer to these lovely ladies as my minions--I'm not so sure!); I know they worked really hard. It's good to know I can leave the work in their capable hands!
After a seriously sweltering weekend, I'm sure we're all welcoming this slightly cooler weather. Yesterday at the farm was one of those perfect days: sunny, breezy, perfect temperature. There was a LOT to get done, as you'll see when you check out how much food we brought home. Missing work on Monday (on train returning from Philly) I missed out on the first round of garlic digging. It's amazing how much can change at the Farm after only a short absence. I'm sure I'll get to dig some garlic in the next week. I hear it's a lot easier than it was last year, when the hard ground made it heartbreaking (finger-breaking, pitch fork-breaking, and back-breaking) work. The goal is to get the garlic cloves out of the ground without breaking them off their stems or poking them with the pitch fork--it's harder than it sounds! Anyhow, I arrived at the Farm on Wednesday to find the barn full of drying garlic. We brought some home, but we won't be using it for a week or two until it's dry. In the mean time we're still finishing up the garlic scapes. Enjoy these pictures from the distribution area of the Farm--the barn where members (including myself and Cynthia) go to collect the shares. Speaking of which, this week's share is:
Beans - 1 1/4 lb
Choice of 1 box of early tomatoes or 1 cabbage
Parsley- 1 bunch
Swiss Chard - 1/2 lb
Basil - 5 tips
Carrots - 4
Garlic - 4 cloves
Beets - 4
Lettuce - 2 heads
Summer squash - 3
Potatoes - 1 box
Cucumbers - 3
Arugula - 1 bunch

This week's menu will be:
Summer Squash and Arugula with Fresh herbs pasta sauce from Greens, Glorious Greens p. 13
Tabouli from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks for a Crowd p. 104
Beans and Potato Curry from From Asparagus to Zucchini p. 49
Balsamic Beets and Beet Greens with Chard from Greens, Glorious Greens p. 23
and depending on how many beans end up in the curry we may do Oriental Green Beans from The Community Farm Cookbook p. 47
My Salad Days Salad with lettuce and cabbage
and everyone will get one fresh cucumber to enjoy.

Remember, we always welcome feedback here on the blog or in the emails!
See you Friday!


Speak Coffee said...

Wonderful! I always knew garlic bulbs were dry and papery but it never occurred to me that they didn't come out of the ground that way!

Are there any other vegetables that have to be dried before use?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to town, Mary! :)

Annarita said...

I love all of your cooking but especially enjoy the salads and salad dressings! My hectic work schedule often requires that I eat on the run. It is so nice to go to the fridge and grab a little salad instead of going for chips because that is all there is in the house that doesn't require some prep. For variety I would sometimes dip my store bought corn chips in store bought canned salsa. That just does not compare to fresh salads! I so appreciate your work.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Sounds like you had a good break! Your share looks a lot like the Tantre share for the week.

Mary said...

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! It's such fun to have folks commenting on the blog :-D
As far as other veggies that are dried before purchase, the main ones I'm thinking of are onions, which (though we don't grow them at the CFAA) I believe go through much the same process as the garlic. Also, we usually leave the winter squash outside for a while after harvesting to allow them to develop a thick skin which helps them to store better.
Annarita, so glad you're enjoying everything!
Jen, I hope you'll find this blog useful for inspiration about how to use up your Tantre share!

Shayne said...

Greens, mmmm. are you familiar with Daisy May's song on the Earthworks CD, Something Fresh called Greens. for some reason your post made me think about that song. I love May's voice.

The Garlic sounds like almost as much work as strawberries. Some foods are worth it though.