Thursday, July 3, 2008

Week Four: Vegetable Jewels

It's been a good week out at the farm. We've gotten a lot of weeding done in the peppers, leeks, parsley, and sweet potatoes. It's been good weeding weather--not too hot, the ground fairly soft and the weeds easy to pull. Even the leek weeding, usually my bane trying to find the tiny leeks amidst the large weeds, wasn't that bad since the leeks are actually pretty big already. Anne and Paul are hoping to cut the hay sometime in the next few days and we'll bring it in on Saturday or Sunday (volunteers are welcome!). This week's harvest seems especially beautiful to me, so I'm happy to have remembered my camera so I can share that beauty with all of you.

Harvest morning was pleasantly cool and we had lots of good workers out to bring in the harvest. We've picked just about the last of the garlic scapes--harvesting a count of 1257 scapes in one morning. The hardest part of that was keeping the count :-). We spent a long time in the parsley, first weeding and then picking 80 bunches. I was excited to get a good harvest of carrots. I didn't help harvest them but I did get some pictures of Angela washing them.

Here's the harvest share:
Beets - 4
Carrots - 4
Kale and Collards - 1/2 lb
Garlic flowers - 15
Lettuce and endive - 3 heads
Green onions - 3
Parsley - 1 bunch

This week's menu:
Buttermilk Borscht (completely different from the previous borscht!) from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks for a Crowd p. 24
(for the vegans: Vegan Borscht from
Greens in Peanut Sauce from Simply in Season p. 195
Parsley Lemon dressing from Laurel's Kitchen p. 130
White bean and garlic scapes dip from The New York Times
Justice for All salad with lettuce, endive, and grated carrots

Enjoy! See you Friday!


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