Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LWK Week 6: Plowing through!

I can't believe we're already at week 6 of this adventure! Only two weeks to go. Fortunately, we're offering another three months (6 weeks) of LWK in a special one-time-only March-May share. Sign up now if you haven't already--shares are limited!

Last week I had a fun adventure being the Guest Chef for the Friday Mornings @ SELMA local foods breakfast salon. (read more about it here!) The pictures on today's blog post are highlights of that experience. We made some tasty quiche and warm apple-spice waffles. I was thrilled to have so many Community Farm Kitchen cooks join me in the kitchen to bring off a triumphant morning!

So, on the LWK front, I'm excited about all the tasty local treats we have to offer this time. I just discovered that Calder Dairy offers sour cream and cottage cheese (thank goodness for home delivery meaning I don't have to lug pounds of dairy products all around town.) Once again we're also featuring incredible noodles from Pasta e Pasta--lasagna this time. Read on!

Roast Chicken with Rosemary Orange Butter --ever since I first clapped eyes on the gorgeous whole chickens we've been getting I've wanted to roast them whole rather than pulling them apart. Well, here goes!
Baked Lasagna - Old Pine Farm ground beef, our taste-of-summer frozen tomatoes, and Pasta e Pasta's lasagna--is your mouth watering yet?
Beef Stroganoff- Just a classic, perfect to show off Calder Dairy's sour cream.
Red Wine-Braised Pork Steaks with Peaches, Cinnamon, and Couscous We have these lovely peaches from Locavorious and had to *something* with them, right??

I guess that wraps it up. Stay warm, people. We'll see you Friday.


Photos: 1. Quiche at SELMA 2. Many hands make light work 3. Proud chef at the end of a successful breakfast run--serving over 100!

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Mom said...

Your breakfast was one of my SELMA favorites of all time! Yummy!